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Credit Problems

Are you struggling to get finance due to your poor credit history? Do you have Mortgage Arrears, CCJ’s , Defaults or have been bankrupt?

If you just want to deal with a reputable company that can get you a good deal on your mortgage, despite your past or present financial circumstances, then contact us today.

We are happy to offer you a free review to establish your financial circumstances and run through the mortgage options available to you.

What can we offer you?

As we have access to thousands of mortgages including many exclusive deals with a huge range of lenders, we can offer a wide range of poor credit history mortgages with some special features:

The ability to self-certify up to 90% of the purchase price/valuation of the property.
We can advise on mortgage options for all levels and types of adverse credit including CCJs, Defaults, Mortgage Arrears, Repossessions and bankruptcy.
We also have access to legal support to give you advice in all areas of credit management.

So if you are struggling to get finance and finding that your past or present financial circumstances are making finding a home loan difficult, talk to us today.

The overall cost of comparison is 8.7% APR.

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