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Buying a property is a very significant purchase. It’s good to have a plan when buying your new home as this can help to avoid any sudden surprises. Hopefully our guide will assist you in avoiding the pitfalls. Before you view properties – we recommend that you organise your mortgage first.

Arranging your mortgage early on demonstrates to your seller and the Estate Agent that you’re committed to buying the property and helps your bargaining position. It also allows you time to consider the type of mortgage you really want and the best deal for you. Our mortgage adviser will help you to understand all of the steps.

Finding the right property

Think hard about the area that you’d like to live in and the type of property you’d like to buy. Talk to friends, family and work colleagues to get a full assessment of the district – good and bad. You may wish to consider local schools, amenities, access to work, and all the things that are important to your quality of life.

Once you’ve identified the area you want to move to and the type of property you’re looking for, start doing your homework on what you can get within your budget. Good estate agents should be willing to spend time with you to give you a feel for the properties that meet your requirements and what you can expect to pay. Don’t over commit yourself financially, there’s more to life than paying a mortgage.

Look at as many properties as you can. Drive passed them at night to get a feel for the neighbourhood during the quieter hours.

Once you’ve been through your short-listed properties you’ll be in a strong position to put in a sensible offer on the one that you want.

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