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If you having trouble finding a mortgage because you’re self-employed or have an irregular income? Then a self-certification mortgage may be the mortgage option for you. But do you qualify for this type of mortgage?

So what is a self-certification mortgage?

In a nutshell a self-cert mortgage allows you, the borrower to certify your own earnings without having to supply proof of income documentation, such as pay slips or fully audited accounts.

With around 15% of the UK population now being self employed, self-certification mortgages are becoming increasingly popular.

Self-certification mortgages are ideally suited to those who are self-employed or employed but have an irregular income, due for example to bonuses and commission. They are also ideal for those who have several jobs, are seasonal wage earners or those who regularly undertake contract work.

What can we offer you?

As we have access to thousands of mortgages and excellent deals with a huge range of lenders, we can offer a wide range of self-certification mortgages with some special features:

Available for the employed and self employed
Those trading for under one year can be accepted
Income based on rental/overseas income
Available to those with more than one job or pension based income

Whatever your employment situation, we’re certain we can find the mortgage for you.

The overall cost of comparison is 7.9% APR.

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